Creek... is for streams!

Travis Bernard


Back in 2012, it started as a pun: creek = stream (as in, live audio streams).

But then, it became a question: How can small FM stations, and other audio creators, stay sustainable?

While volunteering at a local nonprofit FM station in 2013, I watched them struggle with confusing software, and pay ridiculously high prices for it. So I thought, "Wow... I have to fix this." So, I spent the next three years building a web-based platform for small, nonprofit radio stations.

Installing Ubiquiti STL at local nonprofit station KROV 91.1 FM.

Helping FM stations by (literally) climbing on their roofs.

In 2013, KROV 91.1 FM (Oroville, CA) needed to beam a Wi-Fi signal over 12 miles to their antenna on top of a mountain.

To make this happen, Travis (Creek developer, pictured on right), installed their Ubiquiti STL and designed the network infrastructure for their broadcasting systems.