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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Confused by Spinitron Email?

Written by
Travis Bernard

You may have received an email from Spinitron that says RadioActivity is shutting down, and that each station who uses RadioActivity will need to find a replacement — and Spinitron is hoping that will be them.

But if you've been working with us to upgrade to Creek, then you know that this email is false and misleading.

Yes, we are shutting the lights off at RadioActivity eventually — but only after each station (and all of their archived playlist data) is safely migrated into our new platform that we've been working on for over 2 years. So, the email is subtle (I mean, it's actually nicely written) and contains enough facts to sound plausible, but it's altogether false.

Example email from Spinitron

Hi there,

My name is David DeKeyser. I work with Spinitron, a playlisting and station promotional tool I first used as a DJ at Boston College’s WZBC.

Radioactivity and Spinitron have been fellow travelers for more than a decade. Bryan Hance is a real swell fellow, all of us at Spinitron (Eva, Tom, and myself) love him, and we never tried to pull Radioactivity stations over to Spinitron.

But, as we understand it, the Radioactivity platform is now sunsetting. If you want to continue logging playlists, you'll need to transition to some replacement. So now would be a good time to consider transitioning to the pre-eminent service for non-commercial radio playlist management: Spinitron.

We take pride in our close relationship with client stations. We support stations every step of the way in their adoption and customization of Spinitron for their unique needs. If you’re considering what to do next after Radioactivity, we’d love for you to check us out. We’ve got videos that show what using Spinitron is like for DJs. But the system does more including live chat, compliance reporting for SoundEchange and the PROs, easy charting, integration with automation systems, metadata push, widgets and API for web integration, a revolutionary system-wide search, and a lot more.

Anyway, I wanted to say hello and introduce Spinitron. Please feel free to reach out, call, email, or anything.

David DeKeyser | Spinitron 571-215-0994