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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Written by
Travis Bernard

Creek has straightforward and simple pricing. We're constantly working to make the most flexible, affordable, and future-proof platform for the radio community.

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Creek Radio Platform


  • $550 per year.
  • Free month.
  • Free activation.
  • Managed Reporting for $10 per report submission: We can submit SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC reports for you. Read more
  • 1 free hour of installation work ($50 per hour for more).
  • Supporter Badge - Listed as a supporter of the Creek radio community.
  • Includes ALL Radio Website Tools - See below for more.
  • Streaming and Media Storage: See below for pricing.


  • $50 per month.
  • One-time $100 activation cost.
  • Managed Reporting for $10 per report submission. Read more
  • Installation work for $50 per hour.
  • Includes ALL Radio Website Tools - See below for more.
  • Streaming and Media Storage: See below for pricing.

Website Tools

Not just tack-on "extra features" for our sales pitch! Creek is a radio website platform, developed from the ground up to improve radio websites. This is why we developed Creek in the first place!

Website tools include:

  • Audio Toolbar with current show and song.
  • Automatic Audio Archives: Turn live shows into on-demand audio and podcasts.
  • Show Schedules: A beautiful, mobile-friendly show schedule.
  • Playlists: Each song played, during each show, made available on your website.
  • Donation tools for nonprofits.
  • Integration with WordPress — or any other website platform.
  • Easy-to-use developer APIs.
  • Creek Labs: Our open source radio developer community.

Want to know more? — See our Website Tools

Streaming and Cloud Media Storage


$5/mo per 500-listener stream.

Based on our Open Stream project — making streaming affordable and open source.

Stats: Add $10/mo for realtime listener statistics — coming soon!

Hosted by DigitalOcean, or bring your own Linux VPS for stream hosting.

Media Storage

$5/mo for 250GB + $0.01/GB extra.

Get the lowest costs for DJ uploads, prerecorded shows, audio archives, and more.

(That's $5/mo for each 6 full months of 24/7 audio archives in 128kbit/s MP3!)

Hosted by DigitalOcean, or bring your own storage (S3)!

Get Streaming and Storage

Sign up for DigitalOcean and then email us and we'll set everything up.

Sign up for DigitalOcean - $10 Coupon

(They don't sponsor us — we just use DigitalOcean to host our infrastructure.)

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