Our project & story

Creek's mission is help everyone do radio by developing a simpler and less expensive radio platform.

We're starting by developing a platform for radio websites. There are now 60+ community and college radio stations using Creek and participating in its development.

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Creek is a no-ads platform, funded by you.

Our core platform has a monthly price.

Your subscription funds Creek, letting us keep developing great things. Plus, this makes our website platform into a clean creative space with no ads (besides your own!).

Everything else is free and open source!

Creek Broadcaster's streaming tool. iOS and Android apps. Streaming platform. Audio and streaming framework for websites.

Creek is for any form of radio or live audio broadcasting. Big or small.

Big radio station projects with dozens of people.

Creek is already in use at radio stations with over 50 DJs or more.

Awesome one-person radio stations.

Just you, and some lovely audio.

Events, festivals, one-hour concerts. Anything, anywhere.

Take Creek to your live events, and broadcast from your station website.